Agricultural Museum in Finbygränd, ticket

Date: Sunday 15 jul 2018 - Sunday 9 Sep 2018

Agricultural Museum in Finbygränd is a tourist attraction for both adults and children. In the museum you find all kinds of farm machinery, such as horse tools, harvesters, tractors with their tools, hand tools and also a section with household items.

The museum objects show the historical mechanisation of Finnish Agriculture from 1900 to about 1980. In the museum area you can also admire an original smithy from 1930s.

In the section with household items you find all kind of objects which have been used in homes during old times, such as porcelain, household items, electrical equipment, literature, some toys and fishing/hunting Tools

An exhibition with over 100 ARABIA coffee cup models, Finnish banknotes and coins are also to be seen in the household section.

Sundays 17.6, 15.7, 12.8, 2.9 at 13:00–17:00
Access at other times for groups via this booking system or by agreement

Adults: 5 €
Children under 12 years: 0 €
Group 1-8 adults: 40 €/group
Group 9 adults or more: 5 €/adult

Further information gives Kristina Karlsson, phone 040 5714427 or e-mail
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